1. There are basically no rules. Find the answers however you can between now and the deadline: The Witching Hour, October 28. There are 100 points in the quiz.

2. You can find the prizes on the prize page. There are also links on that page to Amazon and IMDB to help describe in more detail what those prizes (books and movies) are. There is no actual grand prize. The contestants determine what prizes are more valuable to themselves.

3. To be eligible for prizes, you must fill out the entry form. That form asks for your name, e-mail and mailing address (only necessary if the prize needs to be mailed to you). You then rank the prizes in the order you desire them. That is, put a 1 next to the prize you most like and so on. If there is a prize you already have or absolutely don't want, please don't put a number next to it. Once you submit the entry form, you are ready to go.

4. In order to be fair to those of you not familiar with it, a website called the IMDB database is very helpful. In fact, it's databases like this that cause me to have to try and make the quiz harder each year. Google can also be used to find many of the answers. Really, this can be an internet scavenger hunt as much as anything.

5. The form format is being used for the quiz. Fill out the form, and click 'Submit'. Your quiz will be graded, then your answers and score will be e-mailed to me. Don't forget to fill in your e-mail address!

6. You can submit as many times as you like.

7. I will update the Halloween Score page with your score and ranking during the contest.

8. Once the contest is over, the person with the highest score gets their #1 prize. Prizes are awarded in this manner until the prizes are gone.

9. If you don't live in Houston, your prize will be mailed to you free of charge.

10. In case of ties, there will be a tie breaker to determine the awarding of prizes.

11. You will notice that there are several questions in which sound plays a part. These may take time to load or you might have some problems with this. If you have trouble, you might want to save the sound file to your own drive by doing a right quick on the icon and then doing a "Save Target As". Let me know if there are problems with this and we can work something out. Also, the quotes can actually be seen if you put the mouse arrow over the image.

12. That's about it. Hope you have a wickedly good time.