Scenes from 2001 Flower Parade in Lisse

In mid-April, a group of us went to Lisse to see the flower parade (or Bloemencorso). The parade goes through about 9 towns in the area and covers about 40 kilometers. Starting in Noordwijk and finishing in Haarlem. With the way the tulips were now blooming, it looked like a great time for this kind of parade. And, it was. We went by, but did not stop at the famous Keukenhof Gardens. By the number of buses and cars there, you could see that it was a popular spot.

Lisse itself is a beautiful village. We found our way to the centrum and then followed the crowds to the annual parade route. Each year, the flower floats have a particular theme. This year, the theme seemed to be places and cultures from all over the world.

Waiting for the parade to start First car shows up Waiting to see what's next Traditional Dutch clothing A windmill
Tulip Float A tuilp person Tulip bulbs Car draped in flowers Twirling Ladies
Yin Yang Seagulls Lighthouse A little bit of salsa And, some salsa dip
Another car covered in flowers European float Calliope A bike cart filled with flowers The C&A float
Old truck covered in flowers A semi truck Majorettes A mrching band Small truck covered with flowers
The world The world's clowns Old car covered with flowers The sea Geisha Float
Geisha Float Spain China China Africa
Lisse Float Musical Float Russia Float Earth My purple girlfriend
The countryside The countryside The countryside

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