A Hoosier in Holland

Beginning on April 8th, 2001, this smalltown Hoosier boy moved to The Netherlands for a work assignment in Rotterdam. This web site is meant to track my (mis?)adventures while in Europe. Below, you can take a look at my first home in Rotterdam: the exotic Holiday Inn near Centraal Station. Small wonder that I couldn't wait to find my own place (especially when you add the fact that I'd spent most of the last 6 months living in a hotel in New Jersey). You will be happy to know that I have found an apartment and am currently living in Utrecht, which is in the center of Holland.
My first home in Holland My first home in Holland

Here are links to my sites on the different aspects of my time here in Europe. This includes my trips to places other than Rotterdam, plus some observations.
Utrecht Updated 6-Sep-2001
Maastricht Updated 1-Sep-2001
Lisse Flower Parade Updated 1-Sep-2001
2001 Rotterdam Marathon Updated 2-Sep-2001
Keukenhof Gardens Updated 10-May-2002
Kasteel de Haar Updated 4-April-2004
A list of my main observations of life in Holland Updated 27-Sep-2001
Another list of observations from a Dutch friend Updated 26-Aug-2001

Places outside of The Netherlands.
Brugge, Belgium Updated 9-Sep-2001
Versailles, France Updated 23-Sep-2001
Paris, France Updated 31-Mar-2002

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