Crazy Dave


Crazy Dave has the run

Of our small town.

People usually steer away

From the one who has

Been touched by the

Hand of God.

He has a wild look

About his face,

Accented by a pair of eyes

Which constantly are looking

Always in different directions.

Likewise, when he walks,

It seems as though

His feet are confused as to

Which way leads

To the mind's destination.

Boy, Crazy Dave is some character.

He's a young man now,

Having lived here all his life,

Except for the brief period

He was put out of our way,

Out of sight, out of mind.

I know the whole town

Was shocked by the cruel trick

The Institution played upon us

By releasing him back into our hands.

The first sight of him

Brought back all the fun

He had previously brought

To the good folk here

Having been the perfect target

For those who live to ridicule.

The practical jokers had

A regular field day tricking him.

Now, he's left alone.

It's as though the good citizens

Think "it" is contagious.

They should know that

Retardation is not catching,

But stupidity and intolerance

Sure as hell is.


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