The Dream Stalker

In search of dreamers unconquered,
He comes cloaked in darkness.
His approach masked by the
Deadening silence of the deepest night.
His prey having been found,
The dream stalker stares
With cold technocrat eyes,
Into the windows of imagination.
The struggle begins slowly.
Little by little, the dream erodes
Until completely washed away in a sea of emptiness.
Dawn breaks finding the dreamer,
Glassy-eyed and mechanical, marching to work
To the beat of the monotonous drummer.
We are all the stalker's prey,
So, beware of the darkness that
Invades the dream, the soul.
Awaken in definance against the desolation,
Look deeply into those barren eyes
And say, "No! I am a dreamer forever!"

Background from "Nosferatu" (1922)

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