Night Rider


He flows through the night.

Darkness enshrouds his being

Enclosing his horse as well.

While only the steady beat

Of horse's hooves meeting frozen earth

And a singular moonlight reflection

Laying gently upon his gliding cape

Gives his presence away.


As in the darkest dream, he nears.

The hard breathing

Of the strong Beast

Becomes apparent to my ears.

I await him in expectation

And soul chilling terror.

What can he want?

What is his destination?


Horse and Rider now loom gigantic

Standing tall and free

Against the dark winter sky.

Their chilled breath

A ghostly shroud.

Both look down upon me

With a shared arrogance.

I choke back a scream


His cold eyes rip through my core.

I can do no more than to stand and wait.

No words can escape

My fear choked throat.

As his sinister smile

Evolves into vicious laughter,

He urges his horse onward

And they return to the darkness.


Left alone, I collapse to my knees,

Giving thanks to the heavens

I am not the one

The Night Rider seeks.



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