Red Pop with a Twinkle


Sitting peacefully upon my bench

Drinking scenery and red pop,

When, without any warning,

He appears out of air before me.

About as tall off the ground

As my knee (and just as wide),

Legs come out of his shorts

Like white toothpicks out of a dark sky.

He has a twinkle in his eye,

The look of the Artful Dodger.

A shy, quiet "Hi" precedes the storm,


My heart won, I hold out the bottle.

In a flash, he and the red pop disappear.

Only the twinkle remains with me.

His father, not knowing of the transaction,

Chases him back to return my drink.

The bottle returned, he takes back his twinkle.

And, with regret, I return to my bench

Drinking scenery and red pop.

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