For years, she quietly took it all

As they bullied her without relief

Taking her lunch money in the hall

Attacking her core self-worth and belief.


The mountain stands serenely tall

Looking mild and peaceful

Not showing inner turmoil at all

Seemingly taking nature full.


All her dreams she reflects upon

Knowing that she is special inside,

Her mind listing her gifts one by one

She knows it’s time to turn the tide.


The mountain’s true power is unseen

Only a hint of it begins to come through

And then, only to senses so very keen

An inner rumbling starts anew.


As they idle at their desks near sleep

She calls upon her inner power

It runs like a river within so deep

Filling her heart so now’s her hour.


Pressure since the beginning of time

Has been building within the mountain

The beauty of earth’s core sublime

Ready to issue forth like a fountain.


She draws a breath and stands

Facing the tormentors with a boldness

Causing a thunder clap with her hands

Lightening heat facing their coldness.


Earth’s core sends hot rivers upward

Seeking expression at the mountain top

An explosion of force about to be heard

True nature will never stop.


Stealing her nerves, she begins to speak

From the eyes come terrible bolts

Pure courage now does peak

As tables are turned on these dolts.


The hot lava reaches the ceiling

Pushes the mountain’s peak into the air

Nothing short of awe inspiring

All life can only pause and stare.


Now, she has them in her hands

They know and feel the power of her soul

They’ll eagerly meet all her just demands

For while they are incomplete, she is whole.


The mountain is now volcanic

A rebirth within nature has occured

Out of chaos and action manic

The hearts of freedom has been stirred.


The fiery lava of her words ends

There is the remaining  volcanic ash

Out of which her Phoenix soul ascends

Forever inspiring all with this clash.




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