A Winter's Run

Running through the countryside
On a cold winter's day
I find myself in a sparkling world
Of wondrous white and glitter.
A freezing mist the night before
Encased the tree limbs in ice
While a lightly falling snow
Colors the frozen ground
In a white so clean and pure.
The early morning fog envelopes
The land in it's own white vapor.
Even I, the only human trespasser
To this strange world of white mist,
While disturbing the stillness with
The crunching of snow and my own breathing,
Add to the mist with the steam
Of my breath mixing with the frozen air.
And, above the frozen land,
Even above the fog and the falling snow,
The sun breaks through the clouds.
The icy branches sparkle,
While the fallen snow glitters.
It seems that I can see in detail
The hand of God in each floating snowflake
And each particle of the misty fog.
Years have passed since I beheld
The creation of this winter's morning,
But its memory still touches my spirit
And, I remain in awe of its beauty.

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